Choreomundus Erasmus Program

Prof. Gediminas Karoblis (NTNU) invited Dr. Andreas Aristidou (UCY) to present SCHEDAR’s work on digitization, analysis, and visualization of folk dance on their Choreomundus Erasmus Program. The objective of this event was to bridge the SCHEDAR project with the dance and cultural heritage communities, disseminate our results, get feedback from dance specialists and end-users, present our current research directions and objectives. During this activity, we presented a brief description of the SCHEDAR project, and its objectives, provided an introduction to the students (16 MSc Erasmus students in dance and cultural heritage) and faculty (4 academic members) of NTNU about motion capture, methods for dance digitization, documentation, preservation and dissemination of intangible cultural heritage (e.g., folk dancing), had an overview of the Dance Motion Capture Database, metadata, motion analysis, dance gamification etc.

Trondheim, Norway